I was raised in the middle of 4 spunky siblings in beautiful west Michigan.  Mom had a passion for music, cooking, and all things beautiful, and Dad created color management tools for the photographic and printing industries.  For as long as I can remember, I have loved the arts, children, and Jesus.

I graduated from Cornerstone College with a BA in Psychology, and worked for several years with hurting children and their families.  After the birth of my boys, I wanted to record their little lives with my camera, and discovered my love for children and the arts blended perfectly together, leading to 8 years of creating fine art child photography.  I have a passion for blending photographic art with interior design, and have created custom wall designs used by photography studios in the US and abroad. While I thought my children would need me less as they grew older, its just not true!  I am loving who they are becoming, and don’t want to miss watching them grow.  So I am returning to my roots, and loving the time I’m spending with my husband and kids, in the kitchen, and creating beautiful things for our home.

I will be sharing some of my adventures on our blog, as well as creating fine art photography for the home. I grew up in the kitchen, baking with my mom, who was an amazing cook.  My kitchen has been turned upside down lately, as we have uncovered a number of food sensitivities in our family.  We are a year and a half into changing our way of nourishing ourselves, and so I hope sharing what has helped us transition to a more whole foods way of eating will help you, too!